Important: New TLS SMTP Port Change 465 to 587

  • 12th February 2019
Hello all, In order to keep our servers PCI compliant we've upgraded our SMTP outgoing mail service to 587. You'll need to change your port from 465 or 25 in outgoing mail settings to 587. This is for Gmail, Outlook or any other email client you may be using. If you need help please email firstly check ...
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SMTP & Mandrill

  • 3rd July 2015
You may have been experiencing email issues whilst we've been stepping up security.We've recently disabled PHP Mail(); which is often used to power email from contact forms. You'll need to reconfigure your websites to use SMTP, ideally over a 3rd Party managed service such as Mandrill. This will ensure safe and managed delivery of your outgoing ...
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Server Upgrades & Potential Unexpected Downtime

  • 7th November 2014
Dear DDS Hosting Customers,We are currently installing and configuring some server speed upgrades which may cause short term and unexpected outages on your sites. We are working hard to get these back online and you will see a long term and consistant speed increase once the changes are complete.This seems to only be affecting customers with an ...
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Email Has Returned To Normal

  • 2nd May 2014
We were having some issues raised by customers trying to email Yahoo accounts. This has now been resolved.
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